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Henceforth to be referred to as APPLICANT on this form.
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How many business partners do you have? How many people work at the company? What is the company’s annual gross income? (Please note that verifying documentation is required.)
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Completion Date of Work
If yes: Please provide name and contact information including address, phone number, and email. Have you paid the attorney, or have you gotten pro bono services? Did you file a patent application?
Prior Knowledge Regarding Patents
What type of invention is it? Please provide the filing date, named inventor(s), and country of filing. Did you work with an attorney? If yes, please provide name and contact information including address, phone number, and email. Did you pay the attorney for the work on that application, or did you get pro bono legal services? How about the filing fees? Who paid for those? Did you get a patent? Why or why not?
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I, APPLICANT, agree as follows: Completion of this application does not entitle me to legal representation. By completing this application, there is no formation of an attorney-client relationship with Cardozo Law School, Yeshiva University, or any persons associated with Cardozo or Yeshiva that I am speaking with in connection with this application. Additionally, none of the above will provide any financial assistance to me. If the Project does match me with a pro bono attorney, it does not mean that any preliminary determination of patentability of my invention has been made. Further, it is in the sole discretion of the attorney I am matched with to determine whether to represent me, and if so, the terms of that representation. I understand that even if I receive pro bono representation from an attorney I am matched with, I will still be responsible to pay the fees set forth in the USPTO fee schedule. The Project is entitled to use certain information from this application including gender, age, ethnicity, field and general nature of invention, country of birth, state of residence, prior patent understanding and/or prior filing, and whether I have already filed a patent application related to the current invention. Use of this information will be on an anonymous basis for date collection and analysis. I must promptly notify you if there is an increase in my annual household income. APPLICANT certifies that the information contained in this application is complete and accurate to the best of Applicant’s knowledge and that Applicant understands and agrees to the above terms.
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Date of Submission